About Us

Well, Hello! Sweet & Simple was started by me, Michelle Jaffee, in December, 2009. I am a mom and home cook and baker in New England.

Sweet & Simple was started with the concept of bringing fresh, small batch baked goods to market. We wanted our baked goods to contain the same simple, best quality ingredients we use in our kitchens at home – ingredients that are familiar and you can pronounce. We haven’t compromised our values and we don’t use preservatives or additives with funny names. Our cookies and bars are always baked with love using the best ingredients available.

 Sweet and Simple Only Uses Natural Ingredients

Our Values

Our priorities have never wavered.  From the start, we’ve been uncompromising about quality. We uses only premium ingredients, including farm fresh eggs from Connecticut’s Farmer’s Cow, Vermont creamery butter, King Arthur Flour, select Callebaut chocolate products and local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible.  All of Sweet & Simple’s baking for area patrons and online orders will be baked at the shop. 

We are very proud of our ingredients and our baked goods - the very best tasting traditional American flavors available in our store and online.


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