How fresh are your products?  How long do they last?
Really fresh! All of our delicious cookies and brownies are baked to order and are fresh and free of preservatives.  That means you should enjoy them as soon as possible – just the way you would a home baked cookie or brownie!  To prolong the freshness, we recommend freezing (for up to a month) or refrigerating (up to 2 weeks) them and bringing the baked goods back to room temperature before enjoying. Alternately, they may be warmed gently out of their cello wrappers in a 350° oven or in the microwave.

I have an allergy. Can you tell me more about your baking practices?
At this time, our baked good are processed on shared equipment used to process tree nuts and peanuts. We use eggs, milk, soy and wheat. If you need more information on our practices or ingredients, call our bake shop directly to speak with a baker: 203-292-8992, or e-mail us at info@sweetandsimple.com.

What do you do with your unsold packaged goods?  Do you throw them away?
We deliver “unsolds” to the Connecticut Food Bank in Fairfield, Connecticut.  Click here for more information.

Wow!  The pictures of your products are awesome!
You are so right, they really are!  Click here for more information about Hadley Spagna Photography and to see more of her beautiful work.  Thanks, Hadley!
The recent pictures, from 2011, were taken by Melani Lust of Melani Lust Photography and styled by Sandra Downie of Sandra Downie Event Designs. We worked together to capture the spirit of Sweet & Simple 18 months after we opened for business. Sandra truly helped Michelle see the cookies, brownies and cupcakes in a new way. We’re very proud of the pictures – they’re really happy feeling and that’s how we feel about Sweet & Simple every day. 

How did you come up with ‘Sweet & Simple’?
Most of the names Michelle came up with were taken.  For example, she loves vanilla and brown sugar, but couldn’t come up with a name that reflected her baking style using those ingredients. Sweet and simple was originally her description of the kinds of things she likes to bake and she kept coming back to those two words.  Michelle changed it to ‘Sweet & Simple’ and the name stuck.

How did you come up with the Sweet & Simple logo?
Many thanks to Anne Spencer of Anne Spencer Design, LLC, in Westport, Connecticut for taking the business name and Michelle’s ideas and creating an instantly recognizable logo.  She did an amazing job with the stylized daisy and fluttering heart!  Anne has stuck with us over the last 18 months and has helped with everything from labels to postcards to decorative stickers. She takes our ideas and makes them better. She’s a gem. The daisy – a sweet and simple flower – is instantly recognizable as the Sweet & Simple logo and the fluttering heart reflects our true love of baking.

Who designed your own web site?
Hanee Designs worked with us to develop our web site and blog. Visit Hanee Designs to view more of their fine work. We continue to work with Hanee Designs as we periodically update the blog and web site. 

Where did Michelle take all those baking classes she mentioned on the About page?
For more information visit www.frenchculinary.com and www.ICEculinary.com.

Can I use your recipes and/or pictures on my site?
The entire contents of this web site (including our blog) – text and pictures – are protected by copyright.  Please do not use anything without my written permission.  Please ask first and do not take anything without permission. It’s just not cool. Do the right thing and ask first.

Did you make up all your recipes?
Not exactly.  When we “create” a recipe we generally pour over cookbooks until we have two or more that fit the description of what we have in mind, and then we experiment until we’re satisfied with result.  And Michelle is fortunate to have a collection of family recipes.  For example, for her Apple Crumb Cake, she began with her grandma’s recipe, tested it, then added grated apples and a crumb topping.  Michelle’s basic Oatmeal Cookie recipe is one her mom gave her.  She modified the original recipe and adds a dried fruit, usually raisins – and now we also love date and sour cherry oatmeal cookies.

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